Order The Political Blogging Murder


Having just lost her social media job when the environmental group TWERF shut its doors, Laura Delaney heads to Washington, D.C., to attend a conference of progressive activists and to network for a new job. But when she finds a body backstage during a political trivia contest — a major player in the political blogging world — she teams up with Washington political reporter David Wainwright to search online in the worlds of social media and the political blogosphere to find out who committed the murder — and why. Along the way, she sees firsthand the foibles of the Beltway media, explores political extremes, and demonstrates how people handle instant communication in today’s world. And hears some bad karaoke.

The Political Blogging Murder is available as an ebook through several venues and in a variety of formats for $2.99.

You can order it from Smashwords by clicking here. Choose the format for a Kindle (that would be mobi) or other e-reader.

If you have a Nook, you can order it from Barnes and Noble by clicking here.

Now available from iBooks, through iTunes. Just search for the title.

Now available from Kobo: You can order it here.

Now available if you subscribe to Scribd. Find out more here.

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