Paul Ryan and the right to bare arms (UPDATE)

A business dress code is one thing. Summer weather in Washington, D.C, is another. But apparently House Speaker Paul Ryan thinks he has to right to crack down on women reporters wearing dresses without sleeves. In June, Ryan announced the dress code — the rule is not new, it just hasn’t always been enforced — […]

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How media can hit back on Trump’s ‘alternative facts’

No question: The media love to write about the media. And Donald Trump offers an opportunity for fresh fodder from journalists to give advice to other journalists on how best to do their work when confronting the lies of the Hair Twittler administration. There’s no shortage of “how-to” pieces on media coverage of a President […]

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Washington media need to look in mirror to find flaws

In a provocatively titled story called “Why Politicians Hate the Press,” Politico gives a perfect example in its own article of why the rest of the country agrees — with the politicians. Politico Magazine gave four former lawmakers a chance to explain what was wrong with Washington media. The piece has a short intro from […]

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