There’s a whole lotta voting going on

Have you voted yet? If you have, you’re like more than 47 million other Americans. And there’s still more than a week until Election Day. All signs are that the number of votes cast in the 2020 general election on Nov. 3 will shatter previous records in modern-day elections, both in numbers and in percentages. […]

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How to overcome the danger that your vote won’t count

Donald Trump is trying to convince his base that mail-in voting — which he and most members of his administration use regularly — is somehow “rigged” and will delegitimize the results of November’s election. He’s even gone so far as to cast doubt on whether he would accept the election results. Never mind the fact […]

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2020 electorate will be more diverse than ever

The growing number of Democrats running for president in 2020 are a diverse group of candidates. But they won’t be as diverse as the people voting for them. According to projections from the Pew Research Center, a higher number of those who will cast votes for president next year will be younger than their counterparts […]

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