Austin bomber is finally called a domestic terrorist. It’s about time.

It took the police long enough. Police in Austin, Texas, have finally admitted that the man who terrorized the city for 19 days by sending package bombs was a terrorist. The series of bombings rocked the city. The explosions killed two people and injured several more. Frightened residents were told to stay inside and avoid […]

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The deadly link between domestic violence and mass shootings

The fight for rational gun safety laws is frustrating. But the information that the perpetrator of the latest mass shooting was also guilty of domestic abuse — a conviction that should have kept him from buying a gun — seems to be opening some eyes. Devin Patrick Kelley, who opened fire with an assault rifle […]

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Hurricane Harvey is climate change on steroids

Climate change didn’t cause Hurricane Harvey. But it made what already was a major storm a hell of a lot worse. Pointing this out is not “politicizing” the issue—it’s stating the obvious. The overwhelming size of Hurricane Harvey and its destruction in Southeast Texas is a frightening warning about the future if we don’t start […]

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