GOP has selective memory when police are killed

Remember Jerad and Amanda Miller? In June of 2014, they were among the Tea Party, anti-government followers of scofflaw and tax cheat Cliven Bundy on his Nevada ranch, who refused to pay his cattle grazing fees. The Millers, who had an online history on social media of white supremacy and militia movements, decided to start […]

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Tea Party really should read the Constitution

People in the Tea Party community constantly claim how they “love” the U.S. Constitution more than anyone else. Too bad so few of them seem to know what’s really in it. The latest display of ignorance comes from the Republican nominee for Senate from Iowa, first-term state Sen. Joni Ernst. At a forum at the […]

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Don’t count out the Tea Party so quickly

Many in the media are declaring the death of the Tea Party. After all, Tea Party candidates are not winning primaries in 2014 the way they did in 2010 and 2012. So the movement must be all washed up, right? “The Tea Party’s Over,” declared the National Journal. “That doesn’t mean the influence of the […]

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