Trump’s Syria gambit feels like Russian roulette

If you’re getting whiplash from yanking your head back and forth trying to keep up with Donald Trump’s evolving foreign policy (and we’re using that term loosely), you’re not alone. Trump is changing gears faster than a Grand Prix driver in a Bugatti. Since 2013, Trump has strongly advocated staying out of Syria. His 140-character […]

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Syria strategy needs more than feel-good war action

The Tomahawk cruise missile strike on a Syrian air base made for great TV. How much it will help the people of Syria is a whole separate question. For the $80 million to $100 million that the attack cost U.S. taxpayers, the unfortunate answer is likely, “not at all.” No matter how much TV talking […]

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GOP hits new low with hysteria against Syrian refugees

To score cheap political points after the terrorist attacks in Paris by the Islamic State, Republicans across the country, from governors to those in Congress to several running for president, are trying to gin up fears against refugees trying to get into America to escape oppression elsewhere. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder started the ball rolling […]

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