Abortion bans are the latest offensive in the long-running GOP war on women

The flood of new anti-abortion laws from GOP state lawmakers is aimed squarely at triggering a court fight to overturn Roe v. Wade, now that Donald Trump has appointed conservative, Federalist-Society-chosen justices to the U.S. Supreme Court and equally conservative judges to federal courts. But this latest round of repressive laws follows a huge number […]

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Democrats’ mantra for #Midterms2018: No days off

My take-home message from Netroots Nation in New Orleans came from the very first session I attended. The message was crystal clear: We can’t take any days off in the fight for Democrats to win elections. A panel consisting of people from various Democratic organizations, from the Democratic National Committee to grassroots groups that sprung […]

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The nation’s underpaid teachers are rising up

You’d think that some state lawmakers never learned the lessons they heard in elementary school. Especially the ones about respect. Teachers in reliably red states like West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Arizona are rising up — and starting to win — over matters of teachers’ pay. They’re posting photos of dilapidated textbooks and equipment, telling […]

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