When politics and sports collide: Why I am no longer a Cubs fan

Fan loyalty is often passed down in families. If you grew up watching and going to baseball games with your parents, like I did, chances are you developed the same love for a team and consider yourself a lifelong fan. But when it comes to the Chicago Cubs and me, it’s over. I no longer […]

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Not just Cleveland Indians: It’s time to retire ALL offensive Native American logos

The news that the Cleveland Indians are finally retiring Chief Wahoo, the offensive, grinning image that serves as the team’s logo, is long overdue. But actually, it’s long overdue to get rid of every offensive image of Native Americans on sports teams, advertising, products and even official government seals. The Indians won’t remove the image until […]

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From Title IX to a hockey victory in women’s sports

When the U.S. women’s national hockey team won its standoff with USA Hockey, coming to a deal in their quest for more equity in pay and more support for the women’s national program, I couldn’t help but remember that it wasn’t that long ago when this type of activity would have been unheard of. Professional […]

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