What will happen to Scott Pruitt’s soundproof booth and tactical pants?

Now that swamp creature Scott Pruitt is oozing his way out of Washington — hopefully on a coach flight — America needs answers about all of the ill-gotten gains the now-former Environmental Protection Agency administrator wasted taxpayer money on. Pruitt, arguably the most freeloading and corrupt Cabinet member in history — and he had a […]

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EPA chief Scott Pruitt is one hot mess of corruption (UPDATE)

In the quagmire that is the swamp of the Trump administration and Cabinet, one name stands above — or should that be below? — all the rest: Scott Pruitt. A new scandal about the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency emerges almost daily. If you miss one, don’t worry — there will be a new […]

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Hot enough for you? Deadly heat waves likely to get worse

Individual daily heat records are being matched and shattered across the country and around the world. And new research predicts that by the year 2100, climate change means that such heat could expose three-fourths of the world’s population to deadly temperatures. Temperatures in the Southwest are climbing to more than 120 degrees—it was so hot in […]

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