#ClimateStrike: Thanks to Greta Thunberg, the kids are all right

Among the millions of people worldwide who marched in the Global Climate Strike, the majority by far were students and young people. College students. High school students. Grade school students. They carried homemade signs with strong messages to adults who are failing to do their jobs to save the planet for generations to come. “I’m […]

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Path to resistance may travel through faith

There are countless ways to resist the current (and with any luck, temporary) occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Ever since the 2016 election and a year into Donald Trump’s presidency, people across the country have found ways to fight back. To resist. Almost immediately, grassroots organizing evolved into local Indivisible groups. The thousands of groups […]

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The right to #TakeAKnee is what makes America great

Too many words, presidential tweets, columns, and minutes of airtime are being wasted on the simple act of exercising a constitutional right. Donald Trump raised a ruckus when, in the middle of backing the losing Senate candidate in the Alabama Republican primary, he switched back to Celebrity Apprentice mode and demanded that any player in […]

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