Kick the single-use plastic habit during Plastic Free July

Straws, plastic bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags, food take-out containers and other plastic waste products are filling our oceans to the tune of 8 million tons a year. It’s not just oceans. Single-use plastic also ends up in rivers, lakes, and landfills. Most people think plastic can be and is being recycled, but 91% of […]

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Even with COVID-19, don’t forget about cutting plastic waste

The overwhelming news of a worldwide pandemic, a coming presidential election, and the daily battering of scandals from the Trump administration threatens to downplay one of biggest issues we all still face — climate change. Here’s an easy way to bring part of this issue back to the forefront: Adopting a plastic-free July. Organized attempts […]

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The movement against single-use plastic is growing. Try it in July.

Canada is the latest country to join the still small but expanding movement to phase out or ban single-use plastic — plastic that gets carried from rivers into oceans, killing sea creatures, altering their habitats, and causing an overall blight to the environment. And plastic is not biodegradable, which means it will be with us […]

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