GOP hits new low with hysteria against Syrian refugees

To score cheap political points after the terrorist attacks in Paris by the Islamic State, Republicans across the country, from governors to those in Congress to several running for president, are trying to gin up fears against refugees trying to get into America to escape oppression elsewhere. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder started the ball rolling […]

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What’s the least bad option on ISIS? Let’s ask a French Muslim 12-year-old

Note the question is not “what’s the best option” for the U.S. in response to the Paris attacks by the Islamic State that left 129 people dead. Because there are no good options. There never have been. But the worst option is overreaction, whether that involves fear, a stepped-up military response, or closing U.S. borders. […]

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Obama didn’t go to Paris? Quelle horreur!

The latest OUTRAGE on the right and in the media seems to be the fact that President Obama didn’t fly to Paris to take part in the group of other world leaders in the midst of a million-plus person march to show solidarity in face of the terrorist attacks against the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo […]

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