The risk Democrats take in not impeaching Trump

Every day, Donald Trump shows the American people why he’s not fit to be president, and his most recent remarks about his willingness to accept help from a foreign adversary to win an election is just the latest example. In an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, Trump said he wouldn’t bother to call the […]

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Nancy Pelosi: The real master of the ‘Art of the Deal’

Can we finally retire the narratives against Nancy Pelosi? You remember the ones — they come up every election season. They’re false, they’re unfair, and after Pelosi stood her ground against Donald Trump, they should be put to bed once and for all. She can’t be effective. Excuse me, but who led the fight for […]

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Democrats honing an economic battle cry for 2018

As Democrats gear up for the midterm elections in 16 months, the party has been working on a new “core message” that they hope will align them with ordinary Americans. Democrats in both the House and Senate will deliver a unified message of populism that they hope will carry them to electoral victory in 2018. […]

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