Rise of the younger voter: Millennials’ growing power

New research shows that for the first time, younger voters outvoted their elders in 2016. According to the latest data from the Pew Research Center, millennials and those in Generation X — voters in the 18-35 and 36-51 age ranges — edged out baby boomers and members of the so-called silent and greatest generations in […]

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Signs of hope for Democrats in 2018? A cautious yes

Midterm elections in 2018 offer an uphill battle for Democrats, with gerrymandered House seats and 25 Democratic incumbent senators facing re-election. But factors ranging from better numbers in recent polling to surges in candidate recruitment — especially women — could mean good news for Team Blue, both next year and in the long term. At […]

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Hey, media: People under 30 don’t trust you

A new report offers some insights into the changing ways younger Americans consume news, and the news isn’t particularly good for the nation’s news media. The study shows that younger people view the news with distrust and do their own research to verify or clarify facts. Overall, they tend to trust video (especially user-generated video) […]

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