Oregon militia aren’t funny anymore. Time for authorities to step it up

With their latest actions, Ammon Bundy and his gang of armed yahoos have jumped the shark from being objects of derision with their requests for snacks, tampons, and French vanilla creamer to being even more dangerous vandals and thugs. Now in the second week of their occupation of a federal building at the Malheur National […]

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Best way to handle Oregon Y’all Qaeda “militia”? Laugh — and starve ’em out

First, let’s get something straight — heavily armed publicity hounds taking over a deserted government building to fight government “tyranny” and threatening to kill “government agents” aren’t patriots. They’re traitors to their country. That said, the yahoos that took over a closed wildlife refuge center near Burns, Ore., are providing more comic relief than $arah […]

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Militia plus guns equal killing. Why are we surprised?

Sometimes you wonder what it will take to make America wake up to the insanity of its twisted gun culture. A few days ago, two self-styled, anti-government militia members decided to start their own revolution against law enforcement. Before long, five people would be dead. Jerad and Amanda Miller left a friend’s apartment after telling […]

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