Alabama Senate upset pushes predictions of 2018 Democratic wave

What a difference one election makes. Except it’s not just one election. Sen.-elect Doug Jones of Alabama (don’t you just love reading that?) came from behind to win over accused sexual predator Roy Moore. Although media were saying the race was too close to call, they were all expecting a Moore win. A thin plurality […]

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Why is voter turnout so low? Why don’t people vote?

Another election with lopsided, disappointing results. Not too disappointing for the Koch brothers, who were finally able to buy the U.S. Senate they apparently wanted for their $100 million in dark money from Koch-related groups. But certainly disappointing for the majority of the American people who, in opinion poll after opinion poll, list the things […]

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Are you angry about police tactics in Ferguson? Vote.

This is not meant as a criticism of the residents of Ferguson, Mo., who are having a hard enough time right now dealing with police riots run amok. But it’s important that we all remember to vote in each and every election. Every election means every election: presidential, congressional, statewide — and local. In Ferguson, […]

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