Forget polls. What will Democrats eat and what policies will they tout at the Iowa State Fair?

For presidential hopefuls, the food stands at the Iowa State Fair are as obligatory a campaign stop as making a speech at the Des Moines Register Soap Box. What candidates eat could count as much as the policies. Speeches are fine, but what really gets a candidate’s mug on TV are shots of them chowing […]

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Presidential hopefuls give Iowa a try at #IowaStateFair

Between the frozen lemonade, the foot-long corn dogs, the deep-fried Oreos, the deep-fried pickles, the deep-fried ice cream, the deep-fried just about everything else, and the pork chops on a stick — one of 75 state fair food options available with a handle — Democratic and Republican candidates braved the sweltering sun at the Iowa […]

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