Not just NRA money: How the gun industry avoids regulation

The aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 and injured nearly 500 people attending a country music festival spurred the same partisan divide as any other horrific mass shooting. Republicans trot out the tired “too soon” memes while repeating talking points supplied by the National Rifle Association. Democrats try — usually in vain […]

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It’s guns, people. That’s it. #GunControlNow

No ties to ISIS. No history of mental illness. No criminal record. No political ideology. No hunting, shooting hobbies, or claims of “trying to protect his family.” Just guns. In the coming days, investigators might discover something related to a “motive” for Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old white retiree who killed 58 people and injured more […]

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Orlando shooting creates big profits for gun makers

After the horrific mass shooting in Orlando, Fla., that killed 49 and wounded 53, at least one group came out ahead—U.S. gun manufacturers. The day after the attack at the Pulse nightclub, multiple news organizations reported sharp rises in the price of stock in the gun industry even on a day when other stock prices […]

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