Lessons from the midterms: Count every vote

Republicans seem to have come up with a new strategy to win elections when gerrymandering and voter suppression aren’t doing the trick — just don’t count all of the votes. We’re seeing some of these arguments play out in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona. Americans are impatient to a fault. On any given Election Day, we […]

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The heroes fighting voter suppression

When the voting deck is stacked against Democrats, it’s time to fight back. I’m not talking about bringing in high-profile speakers like President Obama to rally the base at candidate rallies, although that certainly helps. I’m talking about taking concrete actions to help people whose votes are being suppressed or voters whose access to the […]

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Mothers against gun violence running for office (UPDATE)

Fighting for legislative action against gun violence always seems like an uphill battle. But at least some activists are going a step further and running for office to try to pass common-sense gun safety laws. Take Lucia McBath. She lost her son, Jordan Davis, in 2012 when a white driver approached the vehicle Jordan was in […]

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