So many #NeverTrump groups, so little payoff

A lot of time, effort, and money is being spent trying to stop Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s march to the GOP nomination. And the groups and individuals funding those efforts are getting almost no bang for their megabucks. As of late March, political action committees had spent more than $25 million against the real […]

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Why is voter turnout so low? Why don’t people vote?

Another election with lopsided, disappointing results. Not too disappointing for the Koch brothers, who were finally able to buy the U.S. Senate they apparently wanted for their $100 million in dark money from Koch-related groups. But certainly disappointing for the majority of the American people who, in opinion poll after opinion poll, list the things […]

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Don’t count out the Tea Party so quickly

Many in the media are declaring the death of the Tea Party. After all, Tea Party candidates are not winning primaries in 2014 the way they did in 2010 and 2012. So the movement must be all washed up, right? “The Tea Party’s Over,” declared the National Journal. “That doesn’t mean the influence of the […]

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