The heat is on: California water restrictions a frightening harbinger

I share a running joke with some cousins in California. Whenever they brag about basking in the sunshine and poke fun at our extreme cold or heavy snowfall in the Midwest, I always say, “Yeah, but at least we’ve got water.” Somehow, that’s not so funny anymore. California Gov. Jerry Brown has imposed mandatory restrictions […]

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Severe storms intensify need for climate change action

Whenever a newsworthy weather event occurs — especially in the New York area — you can’t escape the constant media coverage. Network, cable, and local news stations can’t seem to go beyond weather news. Anchors constantly link to information from the National Weather Service and NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Those officials are […]

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Climate science is settled. Get over it.

Why do some news networks pretend that climate change isn’t real? Why do they act like there’s still a “debate” about the subject? There is no debate. Facts are facts. I understand why certain politicians who get a lot of campaign money from the fossil fuel industry want to muddle the issue, but that doesn’t […]

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