Hey, media: Trump campaign solicited foreign donations. Why aren’t you covering it?

Why isn’t the media all over this story? It seems to be the latest word in the Donald Trump “scampaign.” Donald J. Trump Jr. sent hundreds of emails soliciting campaign donations for his father’s presidential campaign to foreign politicians, including all elected officials from the United Kingdom, Iceland, and Australia. But according to the Federal […]

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Democrats, stop sending crap! I’ll buy my own campaign swag

Many of us have likely donated to a Democratic candidate or organization at one time or another. For that generosity, we have all become recipients of an endless email stream of solicitations, and solicitations containing expensive—and worthless—Democratic swag through the U.S. mail. My inbox is flooded daily with requests for donations to the DNC, the […]

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GOP donor wants his money back

We hate to pile more on disgraced former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock. (Actually, we don’t at all.) The Downton Abby- and Instagram-loving congressman was forced to resign in March after news broke of his use of taxpayer money for personal travel to Chicago Bears games and Katy Perry concerts and a fudged mileage reimbursement report […]

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