Biden Cabinet picks show the adults are back in charge

Well, that’s refreshing. The men and women President-Elect Joe Biden has chosen for his Cabinet and Cabinet-level posts so far not only look like America, as he promised, but also are capable of doing their jobs in a way to reassert America’s standing in the world and to reassure U.S. allies that they will no […]

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Trump’s crooked Cabinet: Liars, thieves, & scoundrels edition (UPDATE)

Barely a day goes by without a new story about mind-blowing, expensive malfeasance by another member of Donald Trump’s Cabinet. Not that we had hope for any of them at the beginning of Trump’s term. Senate Democrats were correct to vote against most of the Cabinet nominees, even if it didn’t do any good in […]

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Donald Trump’s contemptible cabinet (with poll!)

To say that some of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks are unqualified, frightening, and downright dangerous is an understatement. To say that many shouldn’t be let anywhere near a position of power in government is obvious. Some make up his basket o’ billionaires, because Trump said he wants “people that made a fortune” in his cabinet. […]

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