Bill O’Reilly’s lying problem: Does it even matter, at Fox?

As NBC News’ Brian Williams serves his six-month unpaid suspension over fabricating his experiences in the Iraq War, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is facing similar accusations of “misremembering.” Williams ‘fessed up to exaggerating what happened in 2003 while covering the Iraq War. It turns out he hadn’t been in a helicopter that was hit by […]

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Jon Stewart leaving: Who will speak truth to power now?

Comedy fans received a blow to their funny bones with Jon Stewart’s announcement that he’ll be leaving The Daily Show this year. For 16 years, Stewart has walked the nation through the pitfalls and idiocies of the news cycle. It didn’t matter if you were a politician or a pundit, a celebrity or an everyday […]

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The Brian Williams error: Why do journalists lie?

The latest newsman to own up to a major fib is NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. The funny and likeable Williams has been telling the same story for years — that he was shot down in a helicopter during the early days of the Iraq War in 2003. Except he wasn’t. Then some soldiers […]

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