The ‘presidential’ side of Donald Trump? Don’t make us laugh

Aides to Republican front-runner Donald Trump are now making the case that what we’ve seen from the real estate mogul so far is just an act. The real estate mogul’s top campaign officials met with members of the Republican National Committee to assure them that Trump will tone down in the general election to not […]

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‘Liberal media’ not so liberal about Hillary Clinton

Conservatives love to blame the media when a Democrat wins an election, claiming their side’s loss was caused at least partly by the bias of the “lamestream media.” Now, with a woman once again running for president, the GOP and the Beltway media have found a new target — magazines aimed at women. A fairly silly […]

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Washington media need to look in mirror to find flaws

In a provocatively titled story called “Why Politicians Hate the Press,” Politico gives a perfect example in its own article of why the rest of the country agrees — with the politicians. Politico Magazine gave four former lawmakers a chance to explain what was wrong with Washington media. The piece has a short intro from […]

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