Women are coming for you, Donald Trump

What do you do when you plan for a Women’s March that totaled 22,000 people on Tuesday and the crowd grows to 150,000 by Saturday? Or maybe 250,000? You march on. Just got back from the Chicago event, which was GREAT. Probably the fact that the sun was shining after a few days of rain […]

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Why Democrats need to speak with one voice on Obamacare

You can say all you want about Republican obstructionism, or the fact that getting Democrats to agree is like herding cats. The point is, when one side speaks in unison, the point coming from that side is solidified. When comments from the other side are scattershot, they get lost. Which side has been speaking with […]

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Even after Trump win, why I still have hope (and it has nothing to do with Jesus)

I’m a church-going Christian, even as some of you reading this likely are not. No matter. This year, my hope going into 2017 has nothing to do with the birth of Christ, often referred to as the hope of the world. No, my hope is that, after being beaten in November, we’ve learned some important […]

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