What the media missed in 2016

It’s not hard to pick out the over-reported stories of 2016: The media obsession with Hillary Clinton’s emails and the nonstop coverage of Donald Trump top the list. But what stories got passed over? The staff at did a roundup of many issues that got ignored. Those issues deserved a closer look and shouldn’t […]

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Rio Olympics: Faster, higher, stronger? How about tardier, broker, sicker?

The Summer Olympic Games are scheduled to start in Rio de Janeiro in a matter of weeks on Aug. 5, and by all accounts, Brazil has an Olympic-size mess on its hands. The country has been hit hard by Zika, a mosquito-borne virus linked to neurological diseases such as Guillain-Barré syndrome and birth defects such […]

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Clinton’s gamble on gun safety is paying off

Last fall, after the latest mass shooting—this one at an Oregon community college that killed nine people—Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to go all in on the gun issue. No doubt it was a personal as well as a political decision. This is not a new issue for Clinton. She has been working against […]

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