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Climate change IS affecting you, along with 85% of the Earth (10/12/21)


The GOP has become the SLP: the Sore Losers Party (9/15/21)


Afghanistan War lasted 20 years and cost $20 trillion. Enough is enough. (8/19/21)


What’s behind the GOP reversal on COVID-19 vaccines? Money (7/21/21)

Kick the single-use plastic habit during Plastic Free July (7/7/21)


Georgia GOP rams through new voter suppression law (3/26/21)


GOP doubles down on voter suppression (UPDATE) (2/20/21)


Trump has ruined our inauguration celebration (1/15/21)

Trump finally got his ‘American carnage’ (1/7/21)



Stay in Mar-a-Lago, Trump. No one wants you back. (12/24/20)


Biden Cabinet picks show the adults are back in charge (11/25/20)

You lost, Trump. Get over it and step aside. (11/6/20)


There’s a whole lotta voting going on (10/22/20)

America is ready to change the channel on Trump (10/15/20)


How does the $750 tax man spend $70,000 on that hair? (9/28/20)

Kamala Harris is wearing Chuck Taylors and I’m all for it (9/8/20)

Trump has jumped off the QAnon cliff (9/1/20)


Don’t let your mail-in ballot get thrown out (8/27/20)

How to overcome the danger that your vote won’t count (8/3/20)


If you want to reopen schools, conquer COVID-19 virus first (UPDATE) (7/21/20)

Even with COVID-19, don’t forget about cutting plastic waste (7/1/20)


Police reform could save cities millions in misconduct payouts (6/10/20)


We can all be heroes in the time of COVID-19 (5/29/20)

After COVID-19 closures, economy is returning with a whimper, not a roar (5/17/20)


How to mark Earth Day’s 50th anniversary during COVID-19: online (4/20/20)


COVID-19 relief law will send you a check. If you’re able, pay it forward — now (3/27/20)

A St. Patrick’s Day song parody about coronavirus (WITH POLL) (3/17/20)

Biden displays competence, compassion over Trump on coronavirus (3/12/20)

Women candidates got a raw deal. Just like always. (3/5/20)


U.S. must step up the urgent fight against plastic waste (2/27/20)

William Barr’s scam of claims of ‘independence’ (2/14/20)

Election security at higher risk in higher-turnout election (2/9/20)

Iowa caucuses need to bite the dust (2/4/20)

U.S. could face a voting deluge in November. Will states be ready for the storm? (2/2/20)


Adam Schiff’s real audience is the American people (1/24/20)

Let’s regain the world’s trust by dumping Trump (1/18/20)

Inequality in the Trump economy keeps getting worse (1/7/20)



Republican losers we won’t miss in 2020 (12/31/19)

Just in time for holiday gifts: Trump impeachment merch (12/24/19)

Simplistic Trump voter impeachment interviews won’t tell us anything new, so please spare us (12/17/19)

Devin Nunes may regret SLAPPing his critics (12/10/19)

Who’s helping women run for office? These groups (12/3/19)


Impeachment hearings offer a civics lesson for students (11/26/19)

Trump trade war claims more victims: GOP candidates (11/19/19)

A new president will rejoin the Paris climate pact, but that’s not nearly enough (11/12/19)

How bad are the GOP’s election chances in 2020? (11/5/19)


One year after Tree of Life shooting, U.S. Jews fear rising anti-Semitism (10/29/19)

Manufacturing slump undercuts Trump claims of economic strength (10/21/19)

Impeachment support grows in polls. How’s it playing back home? (10/8/19)

Trump impeachment is now all but certain (10/1/19)


Trump lost farm votes over his trade war. Now climate change may cost him more. (9/24/19)

#ClimateStrike: Thanks to Greta Thunberg, the kids are all right (9/21/19)

A Trump dynasty? Only in sales to suckers (9/17/19)

Students plan a worldwide climate strike on Sept. 20. It’s time for adults to join the fight (9/10/19)

Republicans want more GOP women in office. Good luck with that. (9/3/19)


How many voters are Republicans willing to lose over guns? (8/28/19)

When will the media finally admit that the Trump economy hasn’t been ‘great’? (8/20/19)

Despite outcry over mass shootings, don’t look to Republicans for meaningful gun safety measures (8/13/19)

Forget polls. What will Democrats eat and what policies will they tout at the Iowa State Fair? (8/6/19)


No surprise: States with the most guns have the highest rates of domestic violence gun deaths (7/30/19)

Ignore conservatives’ advice on how to pick the Democratic presidential nominee (7/23/19)

Of course Trump’s tweets were racist. But they’re a losing proposition in the long run (7/17/19)

GOP’s new methods of ratf**king: spreading lies online via social media (7/16/19)

Chicago Race Riots of 1919: violence that cemented the city’s segregation (7/10/19)

The NRA is falling apart, one bad shot at a time (UPDATE) (7/2/19)


Democratic debates showcase a new rising star: Kamala Harris (6/28/19)

How Trump tariffs are hurting U.S. consumers (6/25/19)

The movement against single-use plastic is growing. Try it in July. (6/18/19)

The risk Democrats take in not impeaching Trump (6/13/19)

Is the rise in tornadoes tied to climate change? Scientists aren’t sure — yet (6/4/19)


Abortion bans are the latest offensive in the long-running GOP war on women (5/28/19)

Farmers are angry as Trump’s trade war with China causes record losses (5/21/19)

Trump is daring Democrats to impeach. We must make sure he loses in the long run (5/14/19)

#ClimateChange emerges as top issue for Democrats in 2020 (5/7/19)


Retail apocalypse: Too many stores (and jobs) are going, going, gone (4/30/19)

#Election2020: Who’s got policies? Who’s got platitudes? (4/23/19)

GOP lawmaker claims nurses play cards all day. She better hope she never gets sick. (UPDATE) (4/22/19)

My #MuellerReport take-home message: Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice (4/21/19)

‘Democrats must nominate a white guy in 2020.’ Oh, really? (4/16/19)

More women running — and winning elections — is the new normal (4/9/19)

Kill Obamacare? Trump voters won’t care. But we will — in 2020 (4/2/19)


Violent #WhiteSupremacy is nothing new, especially in America (3/26/19)

Sorry, Trump: Coal is going down, renewables are headed up (3/19/19)

Students are leading a worldwide climate strike on March 15. Grown-ups, take note. (3/12/19)

When politics and sports collide: Why I am no longer a Cubs fan (3/5/19)


Trump’s legacy: Hate groups are at an all-time high (2/26/19)

2020 electorate will be more diverse than ever (2/19/19)

Parkland one year later: We’re still #MSDStrong (2/14/19)

Green New Deal rollout renews battle over climate change in Congress (2/12/19)

Hey, Howard Schultz: We don’t need another unqualified, inexperienced billionaire as president (UPDATE) (2/5/19)


More and more Americans believe in #ClimateChange. When will lawmakers catch up? (1/29/19)

Nancy Pelosi: The real master of the ‘Art of the Deal’ (1/26/19)

Six rules for the media on how to cover the 2020 election (1/22/19)

The human costs of the Trump shutdown (1/15/19)

Sexist double standard arrives early in 2020 race (1/8/19)

Republican losers we won’t miss in 2019 (1/1/19)



Why we need a Green New Deal (12/26/18)

Feeling ‘regrexit,’ the UK needs a Brexit exit (UPDATE) (12/18/18)

North Carolina election fraud case evokes a history of U.S. election scandals (UPDATE) (12/11/18)

Why Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ should be the Democratic woman (12/4/18)


#GunSafety proposals taking shape for new Democratic House (UPDATE) (11/27/18)

#ClimateChange report restates the obvious: Time is running out (11/24/18)

Mercy Hospital shooting: A domestic dispute, more gun deaths. When will it stop? (11/20/18)

Rising Arctic temperatures trigger new alarms about climate change (11/13/18)

Lessons from the midterms: Count every vote (11/9/18)

#Midterms2018: Women are ready to win the fight (11/6/18)


The heroes fighting voter suppression (10/30/18)

Coal is dying, and Trump knows it (10/23/18)

2018 voting gender gap is becoming an abyss (10/16/18)

The #BlueWave surge where it really counts: voter registration (10/9/18)

The soaring cost of climate change, especially for the U.S. (10/2/18)


Voting gender gap may be a chasm if GOP rams Kavanaugh onto Supreme Court (9/25/18)

Today’s grandmothers should call out Trump, as this GOP grandmother did to Nixon in 1974 (9/18/18)

Democrats’ midterm edge: more political activity, bigger growth in voter turnout (9/11/18)

We don’t need an anonymous op-ed to tell us Trump is nuts (9/6/18)

The racist stain of Trump’s presidency (9/4/18)


Celebrate Women’s Equality Day by voting — and winning — on Nov. 6 (8/28/18)

Trump’s tariffs hurting farmers, and GOP could pay a price in midterms (8/21/18)

Democrats’ mantra for #Midterms2018: No days off (8/14/18)

2018 is the year of Democratic women, but not only candidates (8/7/18)


Global heat wave another sign of #ClimateChange (7/31/18)

How deep are ties between Russia and the GOP? (7/24/18)

Trump-Putin summit: Vladimir gives Donald a performance review (7/16/18)

More signs point to #BlueWave in midterms (7/10/18)

What will happen to Scott Pruitt’s soundproof booth and tactical pants? (7/6/18)

A declaration of independence from Donald Trump (7/4/18)


Trump may try to demonize food stamps even further (6/19/18)

Pardon me! Trump obsesses on his new favorite mania (6/13/18)

Hey, media: Real news doesn’t always start with Trump tweets (6/5/18)


Democratic women are kicking some serious electoral butt (5/29/18)

Meet the law enforcement allies in the fight for gun safety (5/22/18)

2018 midterm success hinges on Democratic determination — and wild cards  (5/15/18)

EPA chief Scott Pruitt is one hot mess of corruption (UPDATE) (5/8/18)

Waffle House shooting shows why all states need ‘red flag’ laws (5/1/18)


The Ronny Jackson saga: a tale of sucking up and flaming out (UPDATE) (4/26/18)

The privilege of whining about white male privilege (4/24/18)

Why did father of Waffle House shooter give his son his guns back? (4/23/18)

New solar projects worldwide leave fossil fuels in the dust (4/17/18)

How Parkland school shooting is shifting electoral landscape (4/10/18)

The nation’s underpaid teachers are rising up (4/6/18)

Voices of black and brown youth: ‘We march for our lives every day’ (4/3/18)


Austin bomber is finally called a domestic terrorist. It’s about time. (3/29/18)

Trump’s crooked Cabinet: Liars, thieves, & scoundrels edition (UPDATE) (3/26/18)

Republicans running out of excuses for losing: Lessons from Conor Lamb’s victory (3/19/18)

Kids will lead on gun reform when lawmakers won’t (3/14/18)

Who ISN’T corrupt in the Trump White House? Kellyanne Conway is latest example (3/12/18)

Thanks for celebrating women with new Barbies, Mattel. Now make them normal size (3/8/18)

Gun reform will be up to states — for now (3/5/18)


Watch out, NRA: There’s new momentum in gun reform fight (2/26/18)

Despite Trump’s praise of Rob Porter, domestic violence remains a deadly threat (2/19/18)

Path to resistance may travel through faith (2/12/18)

Not just Cleveland Indians: It’s time to retire ALL offensive Native American logos (2/5/18)

#MemoDay: A tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing (2/2/18)


Documentary offers teen-level views on race issues in schools (1/29/18)

Mothers against gun violence running for office (1/22/18)

#WomensMarch2018: A laser-like focus on voting (1/20/18)

Sorry, Trump: Biggest U.S. terror threats come from white supremacists (1/18/18)

Trump’s ‘fake news’ awards put him in dictator territory (1/15/18)

Dear world: We apologize for this shithole of a president (1/12/18)

Women’s March 2018 is all about voting and seeking office (1/8/18)

6 reasons for media’s obsession with Trump voters (1/1/18)



What was the worst Trump holiday gift? (12/26/17)

Alabama Senate upset pushes predictions of 2018 Democratic wave (12/18/17)

Doug Jones’ Alabama Senate victory: Black voters, honesty, and shoe-leather campaigning (12/13/17)

We need more women in power. In media, government, entertainment… (12/4/17)


Join a peace vigil to mark Sandy Hook’s five-year anniversary. Then demand action. (11/27/17)

I’m ready for a world with women in charge (11/21/17)

The deadly link between domestic violence and mass shootings (11/13/17)

The GOP’s knee-jerk response of Roy Moore (11/10/17)

More climate change victims: health and productivity (11/7/17)

Donna Brazile’s 2016 claims are political catnip for media (11/5/17)


Solar power price tag plummets, but climate change is making disaster relief costs soar (10/30/17)

Polls: Media offer fake news, but news from Trump seen as phoniest of all (10/23/17)

#MeToo: Why Harvey Weinstein story makes women feel like victims all over again (10/16/17)

Not just NRA money: How the gun industry avoids regulation (10/9/17)

Not just Tom Price: More and more Trump officials flying high (10/5/17)

It’s guns, people. That’s it. #GunControlNow (10/2/17)

ACLU launches ‘Let People Vote’ campaign (10/2/17)


Ability to #TakeAKnee is what makes America great (9/27/17)

Environmentalists on plan to shrink national monuments: See you in court (9/25/17)

We need one final push to bury Trumpcare 4.0 (9/21/17)

Media still don’t get ‘What Happened’ to Hillary Clinton in 2016 election (9/18/17)

The heat is on: How climate change is making Western wildfires worse (9/11/17)

Hurricane Harvey is climate change on steroids (9/4/17)


Former white supremacists now living Life After Hate (8/28/17)

How to fight white supremacy: Charlottesville, SPLC offer blueprints (8/21/17)

If you’ve ever dreamed of offing a political pundit (8/17/17)

Rise of the younger voter: Millennials’ growing power (8/14/17)

The Obamacare repeal attempt that just won’t die (8/7/17)


Forget Trump’s Boy Scout speech. Let’s talk about Girl Scouts and STEM. (7/31/17)

A Boy Scout Jamboree or a Hitler Youth rally? (7/25/17)

Democrats honing an economic battle cry for 2018 (7/24/17)

Donald Trump Jr. ‘can’t wait for 4 years to be over.’ How do you think the rest of us feel? (7/19/17)

What will be the Trump-Russia equivalent of Watergate’s smoking gun? (7/16/17)

Trump’s ‘voter integrity’ panel is a joke — and a serious threat (7/10/17)

Paul Ryan and the right to bare arms (7/7/17)

Sorry, Trumpsters: NPR’s Declaration of Independence tweets were not a call for revolution (7/5/17)

How to improve Obamacare: If Republicans were smart, they’d listen (7/3/17)


Jason Chaffetz thinks lawmakers need a 17 percent raise (6/29/17)

Hot enough for you? Deadly heat waves likely to get worse (6/26/17)

Why Europeans can’t stand Donald Trump (6/19/17)

GOP baseball practice shooting: Just another day in America (6/15/17)

With apologies to Cole Porter on his birthday: You’re the Trump (6/9/17)


Trump visit to Israel could mean land mines ahead (5/21/17)

Comey firing shows Trump presidency is exhausting — but we keep persisting (5/15/17)

Trump tells Comey ‘You’re fired’: The presidency is not a reality show (5/9/17)

Chicago betting on Obama center to bring hope to South Side (5/8/17)

Obamacare kept people out of bankruptcy. Trumpcare wouldn’t. (5/3/17)

National monuments are public lands, not profit centers (5/1/17)


Donald Trump’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 100 days (4/27/17)

The YUGE job losses Trump is ignoring: retail workers (4/24/17)

It’s spring: Time to save the planet (4/17/17)

Trump’s Syria gambit feels like Russian roulette (4/12/17)

Jared Kushner’s endless job list is just another Trump dump (4/10/17)

Syria strategy needs more than feel-good war action (4/8/17)

From Title IX to a hockey victory in women’s sports (4/3/17)


Signs of hope for Democrats in 2018? A cautious yes (3/27/17)

Trumpcare is dead. Now let’s start fixing Obamacare (3/25/17)

Why Chicago police don’t need increased stop-and-frisk (3/20/17)

Amal Clooney’s baby bump, not ISIS? Let’s leave women’s bodies out of news coverage (3/15/17)

What will happen to Trumpcare? Leave it for the vultures (3/13/17)

It’s #InternationalWomensDay. Who’s a great woman in your life? (3/8/17)

Hey media: People under 30 don’t trust you (3/6/17)


Trump’s travel expenses hurt more than just our wallets (2/27/17)

Donald Trump and Russia: Like Watergate and Iran-Contra — only worse (2/20/17)

So you want to help a refugee family (2/13/17)

It’s YUGE. Spoof videos mock Trump at (2/7/17)

Is Steve Bannon Donald Trump’s Rasputin? Da! (2/6/17)

You want action on climate change? Elect some scientists (2/3/17)


Sure there’s voter fraud. By Republicans. (1/31/17)

Trump’s executive orders shows it’s amateur hour in Trumpland (1/27/17)

How media can hit back on Trump’s ‘alternative facts’ (1/23/17)

Women are coming for you, Donald Trump (1/21/17)

Obama’s last goodbye: Yes, we did, and yes, we still can (1/16/17)

Why Democrats need to speak with one voice on Obamacare (1/9/17)

What the media missed in 2016 (1/3/17)

Solar power cheapest new form of energy in nearly 60 countries (1/2/17)



Even after Trump win, why I still have hope (and it has nothing to do with Jesus) (12/25/16)

Donald Trump’s contemptible cabinet (with poll!) (12/19/16)

Faith communities band together to fight gun violence (12/14/16)

How Trump turned 2016 into George Orwell’s 1984 (12/13/16)

The real danger of ‘post-truth’ fake news (12/6/16)

How should journalism function in the age of Trump? (12/5/16)


Why media failed so badly in 2016 election, and why they’re still failing (11/28/16)

How to fight back after Trump win: Start with voting (11/21/16)

Trump awakens a sleeping giant — on the left (11/17/16)

Election 2016 aftermath: Where does America go from here? (11/9/16)

The most over-covered stories of the 2016 election (11/7/16)

Need a laugh? 2016 election memes to carry us through (11/4/16)


A Trump presidency would wreck the world’s economy. Ask investors (10/31/16)

Why Hillary Clinton will succeed as president: She listens (10/24/16)

#NastyWomen will ensure YUUUGE Hillary Clinton victory (10/20/16)

Clinton peels off voters of Eastern European ancestry from Trump (10/17/16)

It’s no fun to be a Republican in 2016 (10/14/16)

Recalling election night 2008 in Grant Park: Thanks, Obama (10/10/16)

So NOW Republicans say Trump is unqualified? (10/8/16)

The number of Clinton newspaper endorsements is YUUUGE (10/3/16)


Chicago adds police to cut gun violence. But can drill rap be ‘policed’? (9/29/16)

Trump ‘temperament’ implodes for all to see (9/27/16)

Clinton and Trump: A tale of two foundations (9/23/16)

Women for Hillary Clinton: We get the job done (9/19/16)

Birtherism swindle shows how media follow Trump like Pavlov’s dogs (9/17/16)

Election 2016: More polarized than ever (9/15/16)

Women politicians owe debt to … Phyllis Schlafly? (9/12/16)

Media need 12-step program for Trump addiction (9/5/16)

Trump’s immigration ‘softening’ came with a sledgehammer (9/1/16)


Mothers fighting Chicago gun violence one block at a time (8/29/16)

Clinton’s slam of Trump’s alt-right embrace is true “pivot” of 2016 (8/26/16)

Hey, media: Clinton Foundation is getting swift-boated, and you’re helping (8/24/16)

Why Clinton win over Trump may not be a game changer (8/22/16)

Trump pivots to a Breitbart scorched-earth campaign (8/18/16)

This is what Democratic enthusiasm looks like (8/15/16)

How far must Trump cross the line before he’s dumped? (8/10/16)

How 2016 presidential players fit in Harry Potter world (8/8/16)

#BlackLivesMatter in public health, too (8/1/16)


Hey, media: GOP never had a monopoly on patriotism (7/30/16)

My email pen pal, Vladimir Putin (7/26/16)

GOP convention descended into deception, delusion, and detesting (7/25/16)

Why Kaine as Clinton’s VP will work for Democrats (7/23/16)

Disqualifying Trump rhetoric: He won’t back NATO (7/21/16)

Melania Trump’s plagiarism: Let us count the excuses (7/19/16)

Why Black Lives Matter is going global (7/19/16)

Rio Olympics: Faster, higher, stronger? How about tardier, broker, sicker? (7/12/16)

Dallas aftermath: How can police and community learn to trust each other? (7/9/16)

Clinton email coverage: Media as polarized as electorate (7/7/16)

As Benghazi probe fizzles, recall when GOP ignored security (7/5/16)


Hey, media: Trump campaign solicited foreign donations. Why aren’t you covering it? (6/30/16)

Clinton’s gamble on gun safety is paying off (6/27/16)

Life after ‘Brexit’ will not be tea and crumpets (6/24/16)

Orlando shooting creates big profits for gun makers (6/20/16)

Trump played the media like Nero played the fiddle (6/15/16)

Beware creeping corporate influence on national parks (6/13/16)

Donald Trump’s racist remarks on judges: How low will he go? (6/6/16)


Democrats, stop sending crap! I’ll buy my own political swag (5/23/16)

Time to stop feeling the Bern (5/19/16)

Urban farming: From floating food forests to vacant lot crops (5/16/16)

‘Suggestions’ for Donald Trump’s VP list (5/14/16)

Let’s hold the media accountable for Trump (5/9/16)

You created Trump, GOP. Now he’s all yours. (5/5/16)

Let’s hear it for voter enthusiasm! Or not. (5/2/16)


Clinton #womancard insult won’t win female fans for Trump (4/27/16)

Why Britain’s possible ‘Brexit’ from the EU matters to the U.S. (4/25/16)

The ‘presidential’ side of Donald Trump? Don’t make us laugh (4/22/16)

‘An open door and a helping hand’ for homeless youth (4/18/16)

First step in fixing Chicago police: Acknowledge racism (4/13/16)

The ‘next Einstein’ could come from Africa (4/12/16)

Why Sanders ‘unqualified’ Clinton barb rankles women (4/8/16)

Time for Bernie Sanders to do his homework (4/6/16)

Splintered parties lose elections: Lessons from past presidential campaigns (4/4/16)


Is Donald Trump deliberately trying to lose? (3/31/16)

So many #NeverTrump groups, so little payoff (3/28/16)

North Carolina, get ready for an LGBT business backlash (3/25/16)

Women voters: Their growing influence in politics and policy (3/21/16)

Obama’s Supreme Court nomination: Latest round of 3-dimensional chess (3/17/16)

Sorry, media: The GOP is not imploding (3/14/16)

Violence at Trump rallies reflects Trump’s racist rhetoric (3/10/16)

Why does America elect judges, anyway? (3/7/16)

Trump’s penis size is perfect metaphor for today’s GOP (3/4/16)


Itching for a House of Cards fix? Chew on Hollywood’s best political villains (2/29/16)

How did the media and the GOP get Trumped? Willingly (2/25/16)

Flint water crisis: Lead pipe battle, and how you can help (2/22/16)

Presidents and cartoons: You think Obama gets dissed? Look what Abe Lincoln faced (2/15/16)

Hillary Clinton: A multi-issue candidate for a single-issue electorate (2/12/16)

Young black men in Chicago: Out of work, out of school, and out of luck (2/8/16)

Who still likes Donald Trump? Not GOP officeholders (2/4/16)

Sanders vs. Clinton: Idealist vs. pragmatist? Or revolution vs. establishment? (2/1/16)


If Donald Trump can’t handle Megyn Kelly, how will be deal with ISIS? (1/27/16)

The environmental consequences of cheap oil (1/25/16)

Donald Trump is a wazzock and other British insults (UPDATE) (1/19/16)

America’s long, sad history of school shootings (1/18/16)

Diplomacy wins again in battle vs. guns: Iran edition (1/16/16)

Oregon militia aren’t funny anymore. Time for authorities to step it up (1/12/16)

Best way to handle Oregon Y’all Qaeda ‘militia’? Laugh — and starve ’em out (1/4/16)2015



2016 New Year’s resolutions for presidential candidates (12/30/15)

‘Predictions’ for Downton Abbey final season: Molesley becomes prime minister (12/28/15)

Who wants a vile, embarrassing President Trump? 44% of GOP voters (12/23/15)

Now THAT’S how you do solar energy (12/18/15)

Climate change pact creates new impetus for renewable energy push (12/15/15)

ISIS’ best new recruiting tool: Donald Trump (12/8/15)

If you want to understand urban gun violence, see Chi-raq (12/5/15)

FAIR COPS: A revolutionary approach to Chicago police reform (12/3/15)


Sorry, GOP, Planned Parenthood shooter was a terrorist (11/30/15)

Laquan’s killing wasn’t cop’s first go-round with misconduct (11/25/15)

GOP hits new low with hysteria against Syrian refugees (11/21/15)

What’s the least bad option on ISIS? Let’s ask a French Muslim 12-year-old (11/16/15)

Bright future for renewable energy around the globe (11/11/15)

The 7 craziest things Ben Carson has ever said (11/5/15)

GOP candidates’ war on debates is backfiring (11/3/15)


Worst job in journalism: Moderating a GOP debate (10/29/15)

Benghazi hearing changed perception of Hillary Clinton. What took so long? (10/24/15)

Testimony from Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearing — in advance! (10/21/15)

Past isn’t prologue in 2016 presidential race (10/16/15)

Biggest loser in #DemDebate? Joe Biden (10/14/15)

Iago? Scrooge? Caligula? Models for new GOP House speaker (10/9/15)

Hillary Clinton gambles on gun control (10/5/15)

What will it take to penetrate America’s gun culture? (10/2/15)


Boehner out: Who would want any job in GOP leadership? (9/25/15)

Joe Biden as Hamlet: Make up your mind, already (9/22/15)

Donald Trump, GOP have been stoking hate speech for years (9/19/15)

Kim Davis, Jesus, and the woman at the well: A marriage equality lesson (9/16/15)


Trump, the GOP, and the shrinking white voter problem (8/27/15)

Black Lives Matter offers 10-point plan to curb police killing (8/21/15)

Media sexism starts early with female candidates in 2016 race (8/19/15)

Presidential hopefuls give Iowa a try at #IowaStateFair (8/15/15)

Jobs for unemployed youth? They’re hiring in Chicago (8/13/15)

Trump resonates with voters’ inner Howard Beale (8/11/15)

GOP debate: Fox tries to dump the Trump (8/7/15)

Media fixation with GOP presidential race a national embarrassment (8/4/15)

Obama’s bold steps on climate change can’t wait (8/3/15)


3rd-party Trump candidacy could make 2016 a Wild West show (7/29/15)

Chicago’s dubious honor: Most police fatal shootings (7/27/15)

Who knows what any candidate besides Trump is saying? (7/24/15)

Environment success story comes clean in Chicago (7/22/15)

GOP reaction to Donald Trump’s McCain diss a lesson in hypocrisy (7/18/15)

Clickbait trumps all: Why media are all in on Donald Trump (7/16/15)

Iran deal a true breakthrough in nuclear weapons race (7/14/15)

Biggest U.S. terror threats from right wing, not Islam (7/8/15)

Why Donald Trump’s rise in polls should scare GOP (7/2/15)


Media ‘analysis’ on marriage equality ruling helping GOP is hogwash (6/29/15)

Short history of U.S. marriage equality on this historic day (6/26/15)

Donald Trump’s bubble: How much expansion before it pops? (6/24/15)

Time for Confederate flag to stop waving — everywhere (6/22/15)

How many more have to die? (6/18/15)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign coverage: Pantsuit journalism (6/16/15)

Jeb! Bush the musical coming to a campaign near you (6/15/15)

GOP presidential hopefuls in a debate quandary (6/12/15)

GOP’s baby steps on climate change (6/9/15)

Hillary Clinton wants voting rights guaranteed (6/5/15)

How Millennials consume news — and what it means for 2016 (6/2/15)


Hastert indictment upholds Illinois tradition of corruption (5/29/15)

‘Liberal media’ not so liberal about Hillary Clinton (5/26/15)

Top five reasons for crowded GOP presidential field (5/19/15)

Think Jade Helm is insane? Five right-wing conspiracy theories (5/14/15)

U.S. identity as a Christian nation is falling (5/12/15)

Let’s run GOP debates like NCAA tournament (5/7/15)

Barack Obama’s next chapter: Boosting African-American youth (5/5/15)

Dear media in Baltimore: Take police leaks with grain of salt (5/1/15)


We all need to study underlying causes of Baltimore violence (4/29/15)

Bush criticizing Obama foreign policy on Iran nuclear deal defines chutzpah (4/27/15)

Washington media need to look in mirror to find flaws (4/25/15)

Will hunger for a scoop taint journalism on Clinton Cash? (4/21/15)

Is GOP finally abandoning Obamacare repeal? (4/18/15)

GOP donor wants his money back (4/15/15)

Hillary inevitability vs. GOP intransigence: Who wins? (4/13/15)

The audacity of a dope: Dick Cheney (4/8/14)

Crowdfunding anti-gay business: The GOP retirement plan (4/6/15)

The heat is on: California water restrictions a frightening harbinger (4/2/15)


Indiana ‘religious freedom’ law needs more than clarification (3/31/15)

No evidence Indiana needed anti-gay discrimination law (3/26/15)

Obamacare working well five years later (3/23/15)

Downton Abbey final season: Molesley becomes prime minister (3/21/15)

How Iran nuclear deal may affect falling oil prices (3/18/15)

Is the tide turning against ISIS? How can we figure it out? (3/16/15)

GOP’s letter to Iran: Treason or just stupid? (3/11/15)

Best way to honor Obama’s historic Selma speech: Vote (3/8/15)

House GOP leaders not bothering with Selma anniversary (3/5/15)

Thanks, Sen. Mikulski. But women in Congress have a long way to go (3/3/15)


Why did we love Spock? A Leonard Nimoy tribute from a Star Trek nerd (2/28/15)

What’s bigger: ISIS threat or media scaremongering? (2/25/15)

Bill O’Reilly’s lying problem: Does it even matter, at Fox? (2/24/14)

2016 presidential polls pretty pointless right now (2/19/15)

Evaluating the ISIS threat: Deadly or just photogenic? (2/17/15)

Jon Stewart leaving: Who will speak truth to power now? (2/11/15)

From Selma to same-sex marriage: Civil rights not a state issue (2/10/15)

The Brian Williams error: Why do journalists lie? (2/5/15)

Politicizing measles vaccine: Why politicians shouldn’t play doctor (2/2/15)


Mitt Romney’s greatest hits — verbal gaffe edition (1/30/15)

Psst, red states: Obamacare Medicaid expansion saves people money (1/29/15)

Severe storms intensify need for climate change action (1/27/15)

Farewell, Mr. Cub: A tribute to Ernie Banks (1/24/15)

Senate: Climate change real, but not people’s fault. But maybe Al Gore’s (1/22/15)

Obama tax plan fires new salvo on income inequality (1/19/15)

Why Mitt Romney 3.0 will fail in 2016 (1/15/15)

Obama didn’t go to Paris? Quelle horreur! (1/13/15)

Honor Charlie Hebdo victims with more satire, not less (1/8/15)

Will GOP’s Steve Scalise survive or take a dive? (1/6/15)

Could Pope Francis save the world on climate change? (1/2/15)



Obama’s 2015 challenge: Veni, vidi, veto (12/30/14)

GOP has selective memory when police are killed (12/24/14)

NYC police officers killed; GOP exploits. What else is new? (12/22/14)

Other movies did assassination better than The Interview (12/19/14)

Obama’s Cuba move really did ‘tear down this wall’ (12/17/14)

The way to interrogate — not torture — terror suspects (12/10/14)

Obamacare keeps delivering. Why won’t people notice? (12/8/14)

No indictment in chokehold case: Independent prosecutors needed (12/4/14)

No surprise at GOP hissy fit over Obama daughters (12/1/14)


Ferguson no-indictment call: Travesty of justice or fair shake? (11/25/14)

So Obama took executive action on immigration. What now? (11/21/14)

Truth about 2015 Obamacare rates the GOP won’t like (11/18/14)

Obama’s immigration stance against GOP: Crazy like a fox (11/17/14)

U.S.-China pact best hope of global climate agreement (11/12/15)

Why is voter turnout so low? Why don’t people vote? (11/6/14)


Aren’t we all tired of Ebola media and political idiocy? (10/27/14)

Too late, but media backtracks on Ebola hysteria (10/20/14)

Media’s Ebola hysteria deadlier than disease itself (10/16/14)

GOP candidate contest: Silliest ISIS claim (with poll!) (10/9/14)

Ebola frenzy overtakes U.S. media (10/6/14)

More blatant voter fraud. By Republicans. (10/1/14)


Exploiting the ISIS bogeyman (9/29/14)

Scottish independence turnout puts U.S. voters to shame (9/19/14)

How overblown is the ISIS hype? (9/17/14)

Obama’s no-win choices on ISIS (9/10/14)

Bombing ISIS is not a video game (9/3/14)


‘Gun tourism’? How about gun idiocy with an Uzi? (8/28/14)

Excellent — and horrible — media work about Ferguson (8/22/14)

Are you angry about police tactics in Ferguson? Vote. (8/18/14)

Ferguson police remind me of Chicago 1968. Only MUCH worse (8/14/14)

Why the push for more involvement in Iraq? (8/13/14)

Here’s what’s wrong with the “Impeach Obama!” narrative (8/7/14)

Americans like Obamacare. They just don’t know it. (8/4/14)


Tea Party really should read the Constitution (7/29/14)

Boehner’s suit against Obama tries to rekindle Obamacare fight (7/11/14)

You want less gun violence in Chicago? Hire somebody (7/8/14)

What are unintended effects of SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision? (7/3/14)


Why Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama won’t lead to impeachment (6/27/14)

Which classic villain is most like Dick Cheney? (poll) (6/25/14)

Why is real voter fraud always on the GOP side? (6/24/14)

Lies and intelligence failures should disqualify GOP Iraq comments (6/18/14)

What’s the point of the U.S. going back to Iraq? (6/13/14)

Militia plus guns equal killing. Why are we surprised? (6/10/14)

GOP response to Bergdahl is the new McCarthyism (6/5/14)

Lots of GOP hypocrisy on POW Bergdahl’s release (6/5/14)

Obama’s POW release: OMG. How about Reagan and Iran-contra? (6/2/14)


When — and why — did the U.S. become so gun-crazy? (5/27/14)

No easy answers to fixing the VA health system (5/23/14)

Don’t count out the Tea Party so quickly (5/20/14)

New York Times fires Jill Abramson: Was it sexism? (5/17/14)

‘Dr.’ Rove’s new smear shows where real brain damage is (5/14/14)

Get ready for Benghazi-palooza (5/12/14)

No, CNN, space aliens didn’t take down Flight 370 (5/7/14)

If Donald Trump doesn’t like bad publicity, maybe he should keep his mouth shut (5/5/14)

Waterboarding = baptism? $arah Palin’s 15 minutes are up (5/1/14)


How do you like your ‘patriot’ now, Fox? (4/25/14)

Dear media: Quit being idiots about Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy (4/21/14)

Climate science is settled. Get over it. (4/14/14)

Who you callin’ a Christian? (4/3/14)


Sex and the single candidate (3/26/14)

Sure, they’ve got to fill 24 hours of ‘news,’ but … (3/18/14)

The social cost of carbon (3/13/14)

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