Why a website about political murder? People like mysteries; people like to make fun of Washington. Why not put the two together?

At this site, we will offer regular posts about politics and the media, especially during the (shudder) Donald Trump administration. These posts will cover any and all topics, from voting rights, environmental issues, health care system law, gun violence and common-sense gun safety laws, and other progressive causes to the foibles of government to elections. We will call out the media when they’re not doing their job and praise them when they are.

Some stories will report on events and issues in Chicago, as that’s where we’re based.

We also will offer a “political murder of the day.” These are stories of people who have been killed for political reasons. Some were heads of state or other government officials. Some were ordinary people targeted for their own political beliefs or actions. Some were providing a service to others that the powers that be wanted to stop. And some were innocent victims of a political agenda, sometimes on a massive scale, in the case of historical massacres. We will take you all over the world to tell these stories.

Finally, this site is a good place to buy books in the political murder series by S.W. Spooner. The first two are The Political Blogging Murder and Off With His Talking Head, both available elsewhere on this site as e-books for only $2.99.

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