Political Murder says goodbye

Think of it as the Marie Kondo approach to political blogging. When it no longer sparks joy, it’s time to hang it up.

I started this blog nearly eight years ago, mainly as a platform to gain publicity about a book I wrote. It gained a life of its own, turning into a job writing on another political blog for several years. I wrote about overall politics, presidential elections, the environment, climate change, plastic waste, the media, gun violence, Chicago, women in politics, the disastrous four years of the Donald Trump presidency, COVID-19, and much, much more. In all, there were 509 posts.

But the news and the world in general have just gotten too crazy.

The world still struggles in a global pandemic, driven by a cruel misinformation campaign about COVID and its vaccines (for God’s sake, people, get your shots and your boosters!). We’re all tired of wearing masks and keeping distances from each other, but the more people believe in “cures” like deworming horse paste, bleach, and mouthwash, the more people get sick, and the more hospitals are overrun with COVID cases. Even worse, the more the virus spreads, the more it can mutate, creating even more variants.

The United States is facing a political insurgency driven by white supremacy and an attitude of perceived white grievance. One political party, led by President Joe Biden, is trying to help solve the country’s problems. The other, led by the latest crazies on the GOP side of the U.S. House, isn’t bothering to form any policy ideas at all, only hitching its wagon to a defeated demagogue who continually lies, stokes racism, and promised things as president that he never intended to deliver.

The Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was only a rehearsal. In case anyone had any doubts, trying to overthrow government is treason — and that includes actions by many GOP members of Congress, up to all of the former president’s men and Trump himself.

And the media are not helping. In their desperate attempt not to appear liberal, too many newspapers and media outlets try to achieve “balance” by claiming that “both sides” are responsible for public attitudes. This is even as they act as basic stenographers for Republican talking points and bury nuggets of truth far down in the story.

No school K-12 in America teaches critical race theory, yet continued media frenzy about a minority of crazies at school board meetings and GOP legislature-passed laws forbidding its teaching barely mentioned the fact that it’s not taught anywhere. Yes, there’s inflation, as there is worldwide, as world economies try to recover from the economic slowdown from a global pandemic. But the U.S. economy is doing well, unemployment is down, and policies of the Biden administration have cut child poverty and broken through the global supply chain backlog. You wouldn’t know about those achievements if you turned on CNN; the cable news station is too busy whipping up hysteria about the price of milk. No wonder polls show the public is “concerned” about the economy.

The Trump years were great for the media. Cable news TV ratings shot up. Online news subscriptions soared. The media became addicted to Trump drama, and he’s still front and center on news pages and on TV constantly. Many reporters saved their best snippets for lucrative book contracts rather than reporting on Trump’s illegal actions when it could have done some good.

So enough is enough. I’m heading off into the sunset, as the lovely photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash shows above. It’s time to appreciate nature, read more, take more walks and work harder to help those in need. I’ll still donate to and work for Democratic candidates I believe in. I’ll always pay attention to politics, but it will be nice to turn off TV news.

I will continue to update my Political Murder of the Day until the end of 2021. Compiling those was a real education in political violence. My two mysteries, The Political Blogging Murder and Off With His Talking Head, will continue to be available for purchase as e-books on this site through the end of the year. After that, they will be available through Smashwords (Political Blogging Murder), Smashwords (Talking Head), and Amazon (Talking Head). Both books are half-price on Smashwords through Dec. 31. ($1.49! What a bargain!)

Keep up the good fight, everybody. And be sure to vote blue to keep our country safe.

5 Comments on “Political Murder says goodbye”

  1. Will miss your wit and wisdom, Sher. We all need to move forward and focus on stamping out the scourges, political and viral, of these times. Praying for better days and illumination ahead.XOX

    Sent from the all new AOL app for iOS

  2. I just found your blog and now lose it, Sher. Rats. I’m sorry about that, but honor your reasoning. I’ll tap your brain when I see you!
    Deb Morris

  3. Hi Sher. I’m sorry to see you leave this space. I’m also saddened that I agree with your concerns.

    I started my blog in 2005 as a continuation of work I started in 1993 when I formed the Tutor/Mentor Connection and the Cabrini Connections program. I’ll keep posting as long as I’m able, since the issues then are still with us, compounded by the right wing racist anti-environment segment of our country, and the continued rage of Covid19.

    I’m certain we’ll continue to connect via your work with Cluster Tutoring Program. There should be programs like that in many more places.

    Best wishes to you and Art.

  4. It’s been great reading your work, but I can see how you might want to move on to other things. Thanks for sharing your take on the world with all of us.

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