Just in time for holiday gifts: Trump impeachment merch

You might be too late for Christmas, but how about sparkly “Impeach Trump 2020” headbands for a New Year’s party?

Donald Trump has finally been impeached, and it’s not a moment too soon for artists, crafters, and companies trying to male a quick buck over the impeachment, if not the ultimate removal, of the 45th president.

True, it’s a little late for Christmas delivery. But it’s the thought that counts. That, and the belief in the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.

There are T-shirts, hats, mugs, bumper stickers, signs, pins, buttons, socks, and flip-flops. The simple message of “86 45” is popular on many items. Also popular are shirts and buttons that simply read “44 > 45.”

A personal favorite is a mug with photos of Trump and Richard Nixon with the words, “Orange is the new Dick.” Nothing subtle here, obviously.

No doubt there are as many anti-impeachment items as there are pieces calling for Trump to be removed from office. Some of the anti-impeachment merchandise is being sold on Trump’s reelection campaign website (to which I am NOT providing the link). What’s the fun in giving that side any free publicity? Let them do their own advertising.

For now, we can appreciate the enormity of the vote that took place in the House of Representatives and the bravery of the men and women, especially first-term Democrats representing swing districts, who lined up to cast a vote on the side of justice. What better way to tell them that we appreciate their efforts than to wear the message proudly on a T-shirt?

Actually, the best way will be to organize, donate, volunteer, campaign, register new voters, and vote for Democratic candidates next fall. But until then, we can enjoy the moment — and the merchandise.

Several T-shirt companies offer a variety of pro- and anti-impeachment merchandise. Some of the more imaginative items come from the e-commerce craft website Etsy, which has lots of gifts to choose from for those on your list who would relish in the thought of removing Trump from office.

There are a variety of Christmas ornaments that wish you “Merry Impeachmas,” even arriving in a free gift box. Or, if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can purchase an ornament that reads, “I just want to sit under my tree and pretend that Obama is still president.”

There are T-shirts with a variety of anti-Trump messages, some using the quote from Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib with the words “Impeach the motherf*cker.” To make such T-shirt sentiments more safe in mixed company, you can get the message “F*ck Trump” spelled out in Morse code.

Some items emphasize Trump’s constant lying, calling him the Lyin’ King, complete with a photo of a maned Trump in the pose from the iconic poster of the Broadway musical. Or perhaps you’d like a sticker that says, “Orange Lies Matter.

If you’re the kind who wears his or her thoughts on your car, you might want to pick up a decal or bumper sticker that says, “Don’t blame me. I voted for Hillary.” And you can buy stickers that say, “Impeach Pence. Just Planning Ahead…

You can go beyond the impeachment message with a T-shirt that reads, “My president started a TRADE WAR & all I got was this $80 T-shirt.

There are some more uplifting items offered. There is merchandise featuring some of the heroes of the hearings, such as the Fiona Hill Fan Club button or magnet.

Actually, there are several items that honor those who have been so effective in the impeachment fight. How about a mug with a stern-looking Maxine Waters with the simple words “Impeach 45”? You don’t mess with Auntie Maxine when she’s reclaiming her time.

You can get several items featuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, like a pin with a photo of her famous clap during the State of the Union address and the words, “Merry Impeachmas.”

How about a T-shirt with a photo of Adam Schiff and the simple word “Truth”? Or better yet, you can buy a T-shirt with the words from his epic smack down of House Republicans in March 2019. They called for him to step down as chair of the House Intelligence Committee, claiming that the Mueller report exonerated Trump. Schiff delivered a scathing five-minute answer listing Trump’s actions in colluding with Russia, point by point, always ending with “You might think it’s OK. I don’t.”

You might be a little late for Christmas, but not for New Year’s Eve. How about a sparkly crown headband, available in both gold and silver, with the words “Impeach Trump 2020”? You can get a discount by ordering in quantity to let everyone at your New Year’s gathering in on the fun of fantasizing that we could live in a Trump-free world. Other New Year’s party hats, available in packs of 10, simply say “Good riddance.

Perhaps most important are items like the buttons and stickers that parody the logo of Tide laundry detergent with the message to “VOTE. Removes stubborn orange stains.”

Trump is definitely a stain that needs to be removed. If not by the Senate, then by America’s voters next fall.

Originally posted on Daily Kos on Dec. 22, 2019.

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