Political murder is on holiday and drinking Guinness

We at Politicalmurder.com are taking a break for a few weeks. We’re off to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England, where we’ll raise a glass or two to historic buildings, beautiful green scenery, and some traditional music in pubs. All while trying to avoid stories about Donald Trump.

So you will see no new posts at this site. But I’ll try to update the Political murder of the day every day (unless we’re having too much fun or we’re out of Wi-Fi range), so look over to the column on the right to see who died on this day in history, then click the link above.

If you missed some posts from the past, click above on Complete list of posts. You can revisit past opinions on the still-relevant news of the day, such as How media can hit back on Trump’s ‘alternative facts’. I’m always surprised to see what posts continue to be popular, like How Trump turned 2016 into George Orwell’s 1984. Another post that always gets a lot of traffic is Black Lives Matter offers 10-point plan to curb police killing.

Posts about Trump are high on the list, especially those making fun of him. There’s It’s YUGE. Spoof videos mock Trump at #everysecondcounts.eu, which describes videos from comedy writers worldwide. There are several pieces looking at Russian influence on Trump, such as Donald Trump and Russia: Like Watergate and Iran-Contra — only worse, and Is Steve Bannon Donald Trump’s Rasputin? Da! And many still are amazed that Trump has outsourced so much of his job to his son-in-law: Jared Kushner’s endless job list is just another Trump dump.

If you’re looking for something on the non-political side, especially as a new season is starting, try Itching for a House of Cards fix? Chew on Hollywood’s best political villains.

Finally, don’t forget about reading The Political Blogging Murder, a funny mystery set at a Netroots Nation-type of convention, available at this site for a mere $2.99. You can read an excerpt here or by clicking the excerpt link above. Or check out how to order the book here or at the Now available link above.

So, go ahead. Read. We’ll be back with a new post in June. And in the meantime: Sláinte!

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