It’s YUGE. Spoof videos mock Trump at


Late-night comedians in Europe have taken Trump trolling to a whole new level.

When President Donald Trump announced in his inaugural address that from now on, it would be “America First,” it was inevitable that other countries would mock him by competing to see which country came in second. They are doing so with “official” (and we’re using that term loosely) videos touting each country’s qualifications about why it’s the best in the race to be runner-up.

Not just the best. Fantastic. So great.

This started with the spoof “tourism” video from the Netherlands, which, being founded by William of Orange, was a natural fit for the orange-skinned Trump. Before long, other countries were jumping on board faster than Trump can sign an executive order.

Late-night TV comedians across Europe started producing their own videos, which are compiled and added almost daily at The website’s image is its own parody of the official symbol of the European Union, a large circle with gold stars on a dark blue background. The site has its own Facebook page and Twitter account, both of which announce new entries in the fight for which country will be No. 2. At last count, there were 13 videos, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Morocco, Portugal, Slovenia (“Look, Slovenia should be sloppy second. @FLOTUS is from here after all”), and Switzerland, and you can link to all of the videos from the website. The Twitter account promises that entries from Australia, Austria, and Spain are due soon.

(Unfortunately, the widely seen Netherlands video originally posted here has been removed from circulation. Looks like the country’s claim to be second was FAKE NEWS all along. So we offer the entry from Denmark instead as an example. It’s great. It’s fantastic. You’ll love it.)

The videos start out, “This is a message from the government of [fill in blank]. Dear Mr. President: Welcome to this introduction video about [name of country].” They all mock Trump’s official “America First — Taking Our Country Back” logo with “America First — [fill in the blank country] second.”

The narrators of these videos use a Trump-like voice with Trump-like cadence and Trump-like language, which is so easy to mock. “It’s going to be a great video. It’s gonna be absolutely fantastic.” Most contain references to walls, being orange, towers, the KKK, fake news, tiny hands, and pussy-grabbing. And Mexico. They make fun of how bad Mexico is and how it’s going to pay for everything.

These videos are spreading across social media faster than piano-playing cats. The Netherlands video has more than 74 million views, and other countries are quickly catching up. Besides skewering Trump, the videos also make fun of their own countries and throw in some European history and culture. Since most Americans probably couldn’t find many of these countries on a map, you could even consider these videos educational. (Well, you could…)

Besides those “official” videos, there are similar entries from outside Europe. China has an entry that features Trump saying the word China for several minutes, compiled from campaign rallies and TV appearances, showing how obsessed he is with the Asian nation. (“Look, I love China, OK?”) Iran has its own video, which proclaims Trump’s similarities to former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “a pioneer in the field of alternative facts.” Who knew there were so many ways to make fun of Hair Twittler? Mexico has a video, although instead of a spoof, it’s official policy hitting back against Trump and his proposal for a wall.

There’s even one from the “government” of Mars, claiming that “other planets suck. We can prove it.” It offers up Mars after Trump destroys the Earth. Except it would be Mexicans’ fault.

(OK, now THIS video also has been removed — probably beamed up back to Mars. Total losers. Instead, we’ll offer the entry from Germany, which is really our favorite anyway.)

(OK, now the GERMAN video has been removed. Total losers once again. So we’ll offer the one from Slovenia, which claims special honors because that’s Melania Trump’s original homeland before she came to the U.S. as an illegal immigrant.)

As Jan Böhmermann, the comedian in the German entry, said (in English), “From now on, we are going to ridicule the shit out of the president of the United States and his fucking phony administration.” (Maybe it’s legal in Germany to use profanity on TV if it’s done in another language?) “When the whole world is standing up to make fun of you, you really have achieved something truly great,” Böhmermann added.

Countries that don’t make videos? Total losers.

UPDATE: Now there are entries from Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Namibia, and more. The page even has a new image of a world map, since there are so many countries featured.

But none from Russia. Sad!

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