Women are coming for you, Donald Trump

One of my favorite signs from the Women's March in Chicago. We're all with each other now.

One of my favorite signs from the Women’s March in Chicago. We’re all with each other now.

What do you do when you plan for a Women’s March that totaled 22,000 people on Tuesday and the crowd grows to 150,000 by Saturday? Or maybe 250,000? You march on.

Just got back from the Chicago event, which was GREAT. Probably the fact that the sun was shining after a few days of rain brought people out to join in one great protest event.

The “march” part was officially canceled after the organizers realized the crowd was too big. The rally went on, but there were too many to get to the rally point, so not everyone heard the speakers. But who cares? We read each others’ signs. We passed out “SHE GOT MORE VOTES” stickers. And we knew we weren’t alone.

People still marched wherever they were, no matter what street they were on, and they were cheered heartily by the surrounding crowd. The El cars were packed on the way into the city in the morning, and cheers and applause greeted the crowds at every stop.

No pussies backing down here.

No pussies backing down here.

So many good signs, many with a pussy theme:

  • We need a leader not a tweeter.
  • Women’s rights are human rights.
  • Pussy Lives = 9; Trump Lives = 0.
  • Keep your tiny hands off my pussy!
  • Keep Loving Louder.
  • My mother fought for this 100 years ago. We’re not stopping now!
  • Too many DICKS in Congress.
  • I’ve seen better cabinets at IKEA.

The crowd was mostly women, but there were lots of men, too, with signs, pussy hats, etc. Lots of pink overall, including pink hair. More of a white crowd, but racially mixed. Several Black Lives Matter signs, too. There were still Hillary gear, signs, and shirts, and lots of “nasty woman” T-shirts and buttons.

Damn straight she did.

Damn straight she did.

A tweet from Joy Ann Reid said there were now 600 of these marches worldwide. There was even one in Antarctica. I look forward to seeing more photos and reading more accounts. You can’t ignore us, President ThinSkin.

Nasty women are all over.

Nasty women are all over.


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