Need a laugh? 2016 election memes to carry us through


As awful as this election as been (and boy, has it been awful), it also has brought us memorable phrases, memes, and tweets that cracked us up, made us bang our heads against our desks, and caused innumerable face-palms.

We’ve seen countless jokes and images of Donald Trump’s hair, often with the words, “We shall overcomb.” Donald Trump Junior tweeted about poisonous Skittles, comparing them to refugees, which caused actual pushback from Mars, maker of the candy. There were a slew of jokes (that I won’t repeat) when Trump bragged during a Republican debate about the size of his penis, which says something about the state of the Republican Party.

This is but a sampling. May they inspire you to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, cast a ballot on Nov. 8 if you haven’t already done so, and hope that U.S. democracy survives, despite the worst attempts of the Orange Menace and his allies to turn America into a Russian subsidiary.

Taco trucks on every corner. These words were uttered by Marco Gutierrez, the founder of the group Latinos for Trump (there are enough to be a group?) in an interview on MSNBC. If Donald Trump is not elected, he warned, there would be “taco trucks on every corner” because “my culture is a very dominant culture.” (His big trouble was that he didn’t mention if margaritas also would be offered. If so, I’m in!)

The line was so silly that of course it went viral, producing deserved mockery on Twitter and elsewhere. One of my favorite treatments was to insert taco trucks on street corners of famous paintings:


The Advertising Specialty Institute, which keeps track of how promotional products sell, put together a video of some of the wackiest political items offered for sale to campaign supporters this election season. There were Trump socks with images of Trump that included thick wisps of orange-blond hair (EWWW). There were both Clinton and Trump talking pens, chia heads, dolls, and piñatas (I happen to know that Trump piñatas sold very well in Hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago).

This doesn’t include some of the tasteless shirts and items sold at Trump rallies, such as buttons that said, “Trump: Finally a president with balls,” and T-shirts with messages about women’s anatomy that I’m not going to repeat, but that Trumpeters were perfectly happy to wear even as they brought small children to Trump events. So glad that that Republicans are still the party of family values.

Other advertising/election information: In a nationwide poll on political bumper stickers, the advertising institute found that Clinton led Trump 52 percent to 48 percent on the question of  which candidate’s sticker people be most willing to put on their car. Also, Trump spent nearly five times as much as Clinton on promotional merchandise. Guess those “Make America Great Again” hats are more expensive than official “Woman Cards,” issued by Hillary for America after Trump accused her of “playing the woman card.” They were available either as a single card or a whole deck.


Nasty women. In the final presidential debate, Trump (as usual) told lie after lie and offered insult after insult. But the one that really hit home for the women of America was when Trump interrupted Clinton to say, “Such a nasty woman.”

Well! #NastyWomenVote took off faster than Donald Trump chasing a supermodel. Twitter exploded with women promising to do just that on Election Day. And whoever thought there could be a mashup of Hillary Clinton and Janet Jackson?


“Grab them by the pussy.” Trump’s now-infamous words were caught in a hot-mic moment in 2005 on the set of Days of Our Lives. He was speaking with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush (since fired), whose giggling response made him sound like he was on Beavis and Butthead. Trump’s crude comments cemented his image in the minds of American women. His son and other surrogates tried to pass off the conversation as “locker-room talk,” but since so many women have suffered their share of unwanted kissing, groping, and worse, they didn’t buy it.

How about this Election Day, the women of America take Donald Trump and


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