It’s no fun to be a Republican in 2016

10192015cryingelephantinroomAnecdotal reports say women are lining up in droves to vote at early voting sites, just to vote against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Early voting figures, in terms of absentee ballots received, seem to favor Democrats overall, based on the party of the voter requesting an early ballot. Even in Florida, where Republicans have historically won the early voting race, Democrats have just about caught up, according to a story on Politico. And Democrats are crushing the GOP when it comes to voter registration.

Democrats have submitted 503,000 and Republicans fewer than 60,000 of the 2 million registration forms collected this year by about 700 third-party groups, according to the 2016 data posted online by the state Division of Elections.

The numbers underscore how much stronger Clinton’s ground game is in Florida and how weak the Republican National Committee’s is on behalf of Donald Trump, longtime Florida political consultants say. If Trump loses Florida, he can’t win the White House. And polls already show that Clinton is starting to move farther ahead of the Republican in Florida. … The big groups that are registering tens of thousands of people tend to sign up poor, young, and minority voters — that is, those who disproportionately vote Democratic.

When GOP officials tried to counter these numbers, claiming that they had the edge, they were described as “lying sacks of shit” by longtime Florida Republican consultant and Trump critic Rick Wilson, according to Politico. “Combined, in-person early votes and absentee ballots will likely account for more than half of the votes — about 55 percent — before Election Day this year,” the story said.

Other stories told the same tale. In fact, a story from PoliticsUSA reported the Clinton campaign’s tally and prediction that she could win the election with the early votes, even before Election Day. Some of those figures, per Clinton campaign Chairman Robby Mook:

  • Record numbers of people are voting by mail in Florida — 2.7 million have requested ballots compared to 1.8 million in 2012. Democrats are winning the vote-by-mail requests. Hispanic vote-by-mail requests are up 77 percent, and Asian voters are up 80 percent.
  • Twice as many Democrats are voting in person in Iowa. Three times as many Democrats are returning ballots.
  • In Ohio, 950,000 voter absentee applications have been received. One of every six is from Democratic Cuyahoga County.
  • There a big spike in early voting in the Democratic stronghold of Northern Virginia.
  • Democratic turnout is very high in Democratic counties in Wisconsin.

Poor Republicans. You could almost feel sorry for members of the Grand Old Party — if they hadn’t brought it on themselves by nominating a xenophobic, misogynistic, sexist, racist, Islamophobic (did I miss any?) narcissist. Note I said almost.

Trump’s situation has gotten only worse with the release of the hot-mic Access Hollywood tape on which he bragged about his sexual assault of women, claiming that he was entitled to “grab them by the pussy” because he was a star. That doesn’t include the years’ worth of tapes from Howard Stern’s radio show, on which Trump was a regular guest and bragged about sexual exploits, which are now coming to light. Now that women Trump has assaulted in the past are coming forward in double digits to tell their stories, the Orange Menace denies all. He’s even started to say that his accusers are too ugly for him to want to assault. Class act, that guy.

But Trump’s poll numbers are dropping faster than his ratings for The Apprentice. Most media outlets project that he has almost no path to the presidency. currently gives Clinton an 84.9 percent chance of winning to Trump’s 15.1.

So what are Republicans doing? After the Access Hollywood #PussyGate tape, many dropped their support of Trump. But true Trumpeters objected, angrily complaining about the lack of support for the would-be groper-in-chief. So many GOPers had to jump back on the Trump train. Either way, they can’t win. And that could mean the loss of more Senate and even House seats.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is flat-out refusing to answer any questions about Trump. At a town hall meeting in Wisconsin, House Speaker Paul Ryan avoided mentioning the GOP nominee’s name. Both men, of course, are on record as having endorsed Trump.

As Trump sounds more and more unhinged by the day, with conspiracy theories about rigged elections, the media, the Democratic establishment, and world banks, it’s better to listen to first lady Michelle Obama, who already wowed the country at the Democratic National Convention with her message, “When they go low, we go high.”

If you haven’t listened to her Clinton campaign speech in New Hampshire in which she annihilates Trump without ever mentioning his name, you owe it to yourself. Trust me.

And by all means, vote on Nov. 8 for the blue team.

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