So NOW Republicans say Trump is unqualified?


The release of a tape with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s hot mic “Grab them by the pussy” moment appears to be the final straw for the GOP “family values” crowd.

Have they been comatose for the last 16 months?

We’ve heard outraged comments from Republicans calling for the would-be groper-in-chief to drop out. Republicans say they can’t look their daughters in the eye and say they support Trump any more. That these words are too much for their wives, sisters, and daughters.

Give me a fucking break.

You chose him, Republicans. He insulted Muslims, immigrants, refugees, Latinos, African-Americans, former prisoners of war, disabled people (I’m sure I left out several categories), and it was never enough.

And women. His behavior toward women has always been sexist and denigrating. He has five children by three wives, cheating on two of them when he traded them in for younger versions. The new Trump tape shows that he’s most likely been cheating on current wife Melania, too. He was a regular guest on Howard Stern’s show, for heaven’s sake. That didn’t give you a hint of his misogyny?

While all of you feign outrage, women aren’t surprised in the least. We’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of unwanted “attention” from men our whole lives.

Yeah. We’ve been kissed and groped when we haven’t wanted it. Sometimes by someone we knew. Sometimes by someone we were just talking to in a bar. Sometimes by a complete stranger, even when we were just walking down the street.

And just as insulting is the implication that women can’t make their own decisions about what’s best for their own bodies. That male Republican lawmakers have to pass restrictions on abortion and public funding of Planned Parenthood, even though only a fraction of what Planned Parenthood does involves abortion, and that’s not paid with public funds anyway.

Women knew from the beginning that your candidate was a pig, but you ignored all of that. You went all in for the Orange Menace, because you were so afraid that the country would elect a smart, competent woman, one whom you’ve been tearing down unfairly for decades.

So now a growing number of you are calling for Trump to drop out of the race, that he’s disqualified himself because of a 10-year-old tape. No, he disqualified himself when he descended that escalator in June 2015 and said Mexican immigrants were rapists.

Talk about self-projection. Who’s guilty of rape, or at least sexual assault, now?

Tough luck, GOP. It’s too late for Trump to drop out of the race and replace him on the ballot. States have certified their official ballots, with set candidates. Absentee ballots already have been mailed. People already have voted.

So voters of America, remember all of this when you cast your votes on Nov. 8. Donald Trump isn’t the only Republican you need to vote against.

Vote against everyone else on his ticket, too. Because they’ve been his enablers all along.

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