Political murder is in vacanza!


We at Politicalmurder.com are taking a break for two weeks. We are traveling through Italy, drinking wine, eating pasta and gelato, and seeing sights from ancient ruins to timeless artwork. And (we hope) avoiding stories about Donald Trump.

So you will see no new posts at this site. But I’ll try to update the Political murder of the day every day (unless we’re having too much fun), so look over to the column on the right to see who died on this day in history, then click the link above.

If you missed some posts from the past, click above on Complete list of posts. You can revisit past opinions on the news of the day. I’m always surprised to see what posts still get read, such as When — and why — did the U.S. become so gun-crazy? and Other movies did assassination better than The Interview. Other timeless posts seem to be You want less gun violence in Chicago? Hire somebody and Why is voter turnout so low? Why don’t people vote?

Posts making fun of Donald Trump are high on the list, too, such as Donald Trump’s bubble: How much expansion before it pops?, Clickbait trumps all: Why media are all in on Donald Trump, and 3rd-party Trump candidacy could make 2016 a Wild West show. And I still think the Republican National Committee, Fox News, and the rest made a mistake when they didn’t take my suggestion: Let’s run GOP debates like NCAA tournament.

If you’re looking for something on the non-political side, try Why did we love Spock? A Leonard Nimoy tribute from a Star Trek nerd. Or see what I’m “predicting” for the Crawleys’ last hurrah: Downton Abbey final season: Molesley becomes prime minister.

Finally, don’t forget about reading The Political Blogging Murder, a funny mystery set at a Netroots Nation-type of convention, available at this site for a mere $2.99. You can read an excerpt here or by clicking the excerpt link above. Or check out how to order the book here or at the Now available link above.

So go ahead. Read. We’ll be back with a new post in mid-September.

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