Mitt Romney’s greatest hits — verbal gaffe edition

Willard “Mitt” Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts and the 2012 GOP nominee for president, has decided to bow out of the 2016 race. Let’s look back at some of his most memorable moments and see what kind of bon mots we’ll be missing this time around.

Sure, we all remember the infamous “47 percent” line delivered at a closed-door fundraiser, referring to people he claimed were freeloaders mooching off the government. And yes, everyone slips up verbally from time to time, including all politicians of either party. But Mittens had a certain jaw-dropping talent for sounding out of touch, whether he was referring to his new house with a car elevator or claiming that the $374,000 he earned in one year from speaking fees was really “not very much.”

All of these quotes were compiled by an online website called, for which we are grateful.

“Corporations are people, my friend … of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People’s pockets. Human beings, my friend.” — Mitt Romney to a heckler at the Iowa State Fair who suggested that taxes should be raised on corporations as part of balancing the budget (August 2011).

“I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.” — Mitt Romney, using an unfortunate choice of words while advocating for consumer choice in health insurance plans (January 2012).

“I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks?’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.” — Mitt Romney, on staffing his cabinet while he was governor of Massachusetts, presidential debate, Oct. 16, 2012.

“As president, I will create 12 million new jobs.” — Mitt Romney, during the second presidential debate.
“Government does not create jobs. Government does not create jobs.” — Mitt Romney, 45 minutes later (Oct. 16, 2012).

“I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.” – Mitt Romney (January 2012).

“Is $100,000 middle income?” — George Stephanopoulos.
“No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less.” — Mitt Romney, ABC’s Good Morning America, Sept. 14, 2012.

“[My wife] drives a couple of Cadillacs.” — Mitt Romney, campaigning for president in Michigan (February 2012).

“PETA is not happy that my dog likes fresh air.” — Mitt Romney in 2007, responding to criticism from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals following revelations that he had once put the family dog in a carrier and strapped it to the roof of his car during a 12-hour road trip.

“I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners.” — Mitt Romney, campaigning at a NASCAR event, after being asked whether he follows NASCAR racing (February 2012).

“I love this state. The trees are the right height.” — Mitt Romney, campaigning in Michigan (February 2012).

“I’m not familiar precisely with what I said, but I’ll stand by what I said, whatever it was.” — Mitt Romney (May 17, 2012).

So we won’t have The Mittster to kick around anymore, although he pledges to work for the eventual GOP nominee. Will that nominee be one of the silver-tongued wonders who provided late-night comedians with multiple examples of foot-in-mouth disease at Rep. Steve King’s recent Iowa Freedom Summit?

“Gosh darnit, hoo diddily, I’m conservative. You know what, talk is cheap. The word tells us you shall know them by their fruits … Look every candidate in the eye and say, ‘Don’t talk, show me.’ ” — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whose only accomplishment during his time in government has been to shut it down.

“We don’t win because too many people think we don’t care about them.” — former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. (YA THINK?)

“’The man can only ride you when your back is bent. So strengthen it! Then the man can’t ride you, America won’t get taken for a ride, because so much is at stake.”  — former 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee $arah Palin, ad libbing wildly after her Teleprompter broke.

Twenty-one months to go until election day 2016.


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