Which classic villain is most like Dick Cheney? (poll)

The beady eyes, the snarl, the growl in the voice, the perpetual frown — all of those characteristics make up the man we know as former Vice President Dick Cheney. But something about him seems familiar…

We’re forced to listen to Dick Cheney recently because some misguided news stations seem to think he has something to add to the conversation about what’s happening in Iraq. Of course, his bad ideas were what got us stuck there for a decade, even though he promised the war would last “months, if not weeks,” and that members of  U.S. military would be “greeted as liberators.” Oh, and the war would “pay for itself.” How did all of that work out?

So instead of listening to him pontificate about everything the current administration is doing wrong, choose which villain is most like Mr. Unlikeable. Too bad — you can only vote for one.

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